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Our Curriculum

The Dance Experience (TDE) classes are structured from unique and comprehensive syllabi which introduce, guide, and efficiently train students from beginner through advanced levels.

TDE offers classes in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and pre-school creative movement classes, ages 3 to adult. TDE has a class for everyone, any age or size. The TDE teaching process was developed to inspire the creativity within each of our dancers. The TDE curriculums are based on a myriad of tools which allow our students to explore their inner artistic abilities and imagination. The dance classes at TDE have been designed to also promote camaraderie among the dancers and instructors, cultivation of self discovery in their teaching-learning process, and most importantly, provide an excellent source of funDance!!


Our ballet classes are divided into four different levels which guide our students through beginner through advanced curriculum. Proper body placement and age/level appropriate skills are introduced throughout the differing levels, as well as proper ballet terminology and history of each dance move.

The course Objectives for our Ballet students includes the following:

• Improve self discipline
• Increase self expression
• Enhance fine and gross motor skills
• Development of good posture
• Improve balance and coordination
• Performance of movements and positions introduced in class
• Increase understanding of correct body alignment and ballet terminology
• Enhance listening skills
• Develop an awareness of the use of space
• Illustrate proper class etiquette


Pointe work is an exciting and important part of our ballet student's training. Our students begin preparing for pointe work during Level 3, when they add 30 minutes to their normal class time. During this time they will learn strengthening exercises which will prepare them for pointe technique and combinations. There are several safety and technical factors that must be present before a student may begin working en pointe. Students will be individually notified when they are ready to begin pointe work.


The Dance Experience offers tap dance classes to all ages and technical abilities. TDE Tap Curriculum provides students the opportunity to learn, understand, practice, and develop technical skills of tap dance. Tap dancing has many styles and is a wonderful source of development for exercise and neuromuscular coordination.
Tap dance first made its debut in the United States in the early 19th century as a combination of Irish solo step dance, the English clog dance, and African dance movements.

Through the use of various technique progression exercises, students will dynamically participate in the combination and movements that build awareness of their surroundings, and gain appreciation of Tap Dance as an art form.

The course objectives for our Tap students include the following:

• Develop understanding of rhythm and movement
• Encourage a sense of self-expression
• Develop a basic understanding of Tap Dance as a historical dance form
• Promote the understanding and use of dance terminology
• Build a sound tap technique
• Develop an awareness of tone
• Gain a good sense of line through body, arms and head
• Develop appreciation of different types of musical styles
• Develop an awareness of the use of space
• Awareness of audience and sense of performance
• Encourage creative use of rhythm and movement

Jazz & Hip Hop

The Dance Experience Jazz curriculum is an integrated class structure of four levels, ranging from beginner through advanced levels. The jazz curriculum combines influences from modern jazz, hip-hop, and Broadway styles. The curriculum was designed to develop flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed and strong movement in our dancers.
Our jazz/hip hop classes are structured so that each student experiences strength building, floor stretches, across the floor patterns, balance and extension through isolations, rhythmic exercises, and varying dance routines.
TDE jazz/hip hop classes integrate rhythm and music, social interfacing, creativeness and constructive peer feedback into the classes. Performances and strong stage presence skills are also emphasized in the Jazz curriculum.
The course objectives for our jazz/hip hop students include the following:

• Develop and maintain proper body alignment
• Demonstrate a sense of balance and increased flexibility
• Obtain an increased knowledge of jazz dance steps and terminology
• Develop and improve sense of rhythm and musicality
• Develop the ability to apply and demonstrate the technique and phrases of movement taught in class through the successful execution of performing choreography learned in class.
• Demonstrate a knowledge of the terminology and history of Jazz dance and it’s relevance as to its influence of popular dance forms today
• Develop awareness of audience and sense of performance


Lyrical dance is a unique combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance and is characterized by its fluid movements. Lyrical dance focuses on self-expression and is typically choreographed to inspirational music and provides students the opportunity to interpret a broad variety of emotions. Hence, the name lyrical comes from the word "lyrics" due to the dancers use the lyrics of a song to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression.

The course objectives for our lyrical dance students include the following:

• Develop body gestures, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute movements and emotions fully
• Gain emotional connection to music
• Increase self expression
• Develop an awareness of the use of space
• Improvement of articulation, line, weight, and movement qualities
• Develop awareness of audience and sense of performance

Pre-School Creative Movement

The Dance Experience offers an action packed creative movement class that takes your child on an imaginary journey with creative movement, dance, and music. The curriculum focuses on creativity and imagination, while embracing your child’s attention in a positive, wholesome manner. One of the greatest benefits of our creative movement class is the focus on your child's motor skills, while enhancing creativity through imaginative play and story telling with movement, music, and dance.

The course objectives for our creative movement students include the following:

• Prepares young dancers with fundamental dance skills
• Introduces pre-school dancers to creativity while maintaining class structure
• Develops and enhances motor skills
• Encourages healthy physical and cognitive development
• Creates body awareness, special relationships, and muscular control

Musical Theater

The Dance Experience musical theater classes/curriculum was created to build enthusiasm, confidence, self esteem, communication skills, social skills and confidence on the stage. The musical theater classes are a lot of fun for all ages, and will encourage your child’s dramatic abilities in both the theatre and in dance.

The overall focus of the class is to build dramatic skills, and verbal communication skills which in turn lead to a stronger sense of self confidence, and greater self esteem.

The course objectives for our musical theater students include the following:

• Develop self esteem
• Enhance clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasing communication skills
• Enable students’ ability to ask questions and seek answers
• Develop body gestures, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute movements and emotions fully
• Increase self expression

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